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June 2-5, 2014

27th Annual Environmental, Health & Safety Seminar

* 2-Day Workshop, June 2 & 3 (details below)

* Keynote, June 4th

Roadmap to EHS Success

2-Day Workshop, June 2 & 3

27th Annual Environmental, Health & Safety Seminar

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keynote_image_02Scott Whitelaw – V.P. EHS&S, Texas United Management

Do you have a love, passion and desire to protect employees, workplaces and the environment? Are you someone who likes to learn and grow? Do you seek new ways to improve yourself and become better? If you do, then we have something in common. I have used my passions and life experiences to create a workshop environment that will accelerate your personal and professional growth so that you can accomplish all you desire on your path to environmental and safety success.

This Workshop is a road map for discovering personal responsibility, life purpose, clear vision, balanced goals, healthy relationships, fulfilling contributions, sustained growth, and creating a significant life.

As a trained and practiced scientist, business professional, athlete, and father I have used my talents and strengths to create a holistic mind, body, heart and spiritual system for you. My love for people, nature, music, art, poetry, literature, and life travels have influenced the way I express myself in my personal and business life. This system has helped me achieve success in all areas of my life and continues to bring me abundant joy, fun and countless rewards.

Are you someone who seeks new skills, knowledge, experiences and renewed passion in your life? Do you want to add life-long tools, for personal responsibility, life purpose, clear vision, balanced goals, healthy relationships, fulfilling contribution, sustained growth and abundant rewards, to your life? Are you ready for a trip designed to reconnect your head with your heart for the purpose of transforming your life at work, home and play? Are you ready to embark on a lifetime adventure to love, joy and growth?

For the past decade I have been creating, facilitating and implementing a success system that I have named the Life Cruise Process™. I have been using this material in my personal life and work career and have shared pieces of it in many published articles, books, seminars and trainings. This two day workshop brings it all together and provides a professional and personal transformation environment for an accelerated inspired learning experience.

I invite you to participate in the Road Map to EHS Success Workshop, June 2-3, 2014. In the workshop you will learn:

  • How to develop powerful success habits
  • How to commit to constant and never-ending improvement
  • Unique training methods and exercises
  • How to move outside your comfort zone
  • How to align your goals with your essential values
  • How to create bigger dreams
  • How to Edisionize your SMART goals
  • How to expand your thinking by using mindmaps and visual techniques
  • How to visualize success like a professional athlete
  • Powerful leadership skills
  • How to keep score for success
  • Essential Team Building Skills

Following are just a few comments from past participants who have attended the workshop over the last 8 years:

“It changed my life! A powerful message presented in an enthusiastic and fun atmosphere. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to expand your potential.” Larry Hensley -Consultant

“This course is phenomenal. All safety representatives at Exxon Mobil should take this course.” C.J.

“Excellent course for those who would like to know how to set goals and stay motivated on the goals or dreams.” Randall

“Scott is a very dynamic speaker. The course was a very worthwhile investment of time to anyone who is interested in creating a more productive and harmonious work and home life.”

“Scott leads a contemporary high energy, thought provoking session, that guides his audience to the possibilities that exists within each one of us, let him show you critical thoughts and tools for a life changing experience, explore the opportunities, draft your destiny, and enjoy the ride…” Edu Araujo, CSP, MSOSGlobal EHS Director – Momentive Performance Material

“In a global economy it is important to be the best but it is not always so easy to find the right path. This course helped me break through to a new level both professionally and personally by providing clear direction to my future. Take a chance on yourself and see what you can accomplish.” Norman Guest, CSP EHS/PSM Manager – Celanese EVA Performance Polymers

“I write with reference to a pivotal turning point in my everyday thought process; which, accelerates from an audacious life purpose class taught by Scott Whitelaw at the TCC EHS Seminar. When I reflect on the concepts shared in this class I cannot stop smiling for the thoughts of every positive purpose I absorbed in this seminar. If everyone, young or old, new or experienced had the opportunity to experience this event then I highly recommend it. Not only have I changed how I approach events in my personal life, but it has also had profound effects on my professional encounters.“ Dr. Brandi Griffin